Facial Recognition Search Engines

facial recognition search engines1) TinEye is a reverse image search engine, which also has an add-on for Firefox that is quite helpful. It is thought to be the best if you want to locate exactly matching images like the base one but are available from different sources and different resolutions. It could be a fantastic tool for finding stolen or unattributed images posted on the Net.

2) PicTriev - what you have to is upload a portrait image or any face in .jpg and .jpeg format, and a size no bigger than 200KB. The search engine shall return matching images from the internet. You can even run a demo using a selection of well-known photos.

3) Face.com is a facial recognition service backing Photo Finder, the private alpha photo locating app for Facebook. Having scanned over a billion photos and identified 400 million faces, they are ready to launch a second app into the wild. Photo Tagger is now a live, is another private Facebook app with facial recognition, but it was made for the avid uploader and photo tagger in mind. You could use the tool and scan Facebook photo albums for faces to tag your friends all together.

4) Google Image Search - did you know that you could get Google to search only for faces just by adding a bit of extra code? When going to Google Image Search, enter the query and then finish with “&imgtype=face” (with no quotes of course) to the ending of your URL. It shall give you reasonably similar results as the facesearch above.